Instructions for SpamExperts Premium Spam Filtering Service

A new anti-spamming service has been added to your email account.  AHostCo has installed SpamExperts on your website email service.  SpamExperts is an incredibly accurate, powerful and effective anti-spam solution for your email account that works by securely scanning incoming email’s via an intelligent central cluster before it reaches your inbox. The SpamExperts cluster is responsible for scanning millions of emails a day and delivers a spam detection accuracy rate up to 99.98%.  And it is easy to use!

When activated you will receive an email from  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. like this one:

Dear Sir / Madam,

Your domain (domain name) is set to auto-activate daily quarantine reporting. From now onwards you'll receive such report. If you wish to disable these reports, please visit . If you have not yet logged in please click "retrieve the login link" and specify your email address. You will then be sent a temporary login link where you can edit your password and control your settings for the protection reports as well as accessing your spam quarantine.

Kind regards,

Click on the link on the initial SpamExperts Quarantine Service activation notice,


Click the link at the bottom of the SpamExperts Protection Report each email user receives daily that is displayed like this:

To access your quarantine or unsubscribe from this automatic report, please click here

When the login screen appears.  In the “Username / domain / email:” box type your full email address.  Then click the box at the bottom labeled “Retrieve log-in link”.

When the next login screen appears (without a password box) in the “Username / domain / email”  box type in your full email address and then click “submit”.  A green bar appears at the top of the login box that will say “Email has been sent”.  You have a limited time to get to your email and continue with the password assignment procedure.

After a few minutes you will receive an email titled “Temporary link to change your password” from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

It will look like this:

Dear Sir / Madam,

Please click on the link below to log in directly to your control panel and set a new password:
Set password

Once you have set the password, you can always login directly at with your username and your chosen password.

Kind regards,
Control panel

Click on “Set Password” and a browser will open to a page titled “User’s Profile.

Enter the password you wish to use and confirm it. (at least 8 characters and one uppercase letter)

You are in!

We highly suggest you not change any settings and only work in the “spam quarantine” area when logged in to your SpamExperts spam folder.

Any questions?  Contact your email administrator.