SpamExperts Premium Spam Filtering

SpamExperts is an incredibly accurate, powerful and cost-effective anti-spam solution for your domain that works by securely scanning incoming e-mail via an intelligent central cluster before it reaches your inbox. The SpamExperts cluster is responsible for scanning millions of e-mails a day and delivers a spam detection accuracy rate up to 99.98%.


Available on any Domain, regardless of size!



Dedicated IP Addresses

A Dedicated IP Address is a worthwhile addition to any website. In fact, we thought a dedicated IP was so important, we started including one with our Reseller plans. Dedicated IP addresses can also be purchased a la carte for hosting plans, Reseller plans, or Virtual/Dedicated servers.

Ecommerce sites, SSL certificates, and credit card API's all will need a dedicated IP Address.

For hosting plans, a Dedicated IP Address can be purchased a la carte for an additional monthly fee.


Secure your Site with a SSL Certificate

AHostCo offers a number of SSLs through COMODO and GeoTrust. You'll find details about each SSL.